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Nov 28, 2013 4:00am PST
around the nation those living in rhode island, maine and massachusetts have the day off. blue laws rule where shopping is prohibited today. >>> time for stories you may have missed, the holiday travel for most people is other or nearing the end. that massive holiday storm that grounded planes and delayed trains is moving off the east coast. forecasters say it will be gone today leaving behind strong winds. >>> two people were killed in brazil after a crane collapsed at the site of a stadium that will host next year's world cup. an investigation is under way. >>> pizza hut decided to rehire a manager after he was fired for refusing to work thanks gufg. tony rohr was asked to keep his franchise open. once message spread on facebook the company backtracked. >>> you can call him iron man. in japan kimio nakagawa was recognized by the japan government for excellent ironing. each year the labor ministry pecks out the nation's finest craftsman, usually a chef or craftsman. he irons by hand not a presser. he says the best iron never leaves a trace. >> look at that fold. >> so masterful he gets
Nov 12, 2013 4:00am PST
former massachusetts vernor successlly headed the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city. >>> and topping our ne, nearly 2,0 people are confirmed dead in the plippines from typhoo haiyan. officialwarn the death toll could climb to more than 10,000. >>> dens of americanailors and more than aircraft are on their way on board the "uss george washington" to the hard-hit area. military officls say suicides among service members are down more than 22% this year. e number spiked to 349 last yearthe highest since the peagon beganracking in2001. >>> andoronto mayor rob for told supporters monday that he is, quot not going anywhere, guaranteed, follong his admission at he smoked crack cocaine. the city council is expected to vo tomorrow on an unprecedented motion that wld remove ford fromffice if he doesn't take a leave of absence. >>> okay. so in singapore, fans of anime flocked togeth for an ultimate night of playing dress-up. at the annual festival, participants celebrated their passionsor various video ge chacters and japanese anime personalities with elaborate costumes, as you can see
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2